Learn How to Create a Custom Spine For Your 12x12 Album We're excited to add digitally-created and on-demand printed scrapbook products to our Creative Memories line beginning with Custom Foiled Spines.  

Now you and your customers can personalise your albums with custom titles on your 12x12 album spines for $17 each! Sixteen fonts are available in gold, silver or black foil on our plain 12x12 bookcloth album colours.

Get details on how to create your Custom Foiled Spine in the videos below.

Learn How to Edit Text

Learn How to Use Text Layouts

Learn How to Transform Text

Learn Need-to-Know Insider Tips

Learn How to Duplicate a Spine You've Already Ordered

And that's just the beginning! There are a lot more tips and videos you'll want to share with your customers on our Searchable FAQs. You'll want to share this link with your customers. And if you have questions, our support team is ready to help at Digital@CreativeMemories.com.

Here Are Your 5 Must-Know Facts!

Know Your Available Bookcloth + Customisation Choices

You can customise a 12x12 bookcloth spine with the following: 

  • Bookcloth colours: Currant, Ruby, Passion Pink, Soft Yellow, Caribbean, Jade, Hunter Green, Ocean Blue, Azure, Cobalt, Grape, Eggplant, Chocolate, Cool Grey and Ebony
  • Gold, silver or black foil
  • A choice of 16 different fonts

If you would like to create a Custom Foiled Spine for an album colour that we do not currently offer, use the colour wheel as a guide to pick a current bookcloth colour that complements your album.  

Pair complementary colours across from each other on the colour wheel, such as orange and blue, to contrast each other. Alternatively, pair tints or shades of the same colour for a more subtle combination.  

Also try choosing colours from the same colour family such as warm colours (red, orange and yellow) and cool colours (green, blue and violet). 

Advisor Tips for Choosing a Spine Colour

“If you are creating a school or graduation album, it can be really fun to have a contrasting spine colour that matches your school colours.” - Tracy Robinson

Custom Foiled Spines will Ship with Other Products 

After you order your custom spine, please allow 3-5 days for your order to ship. Custom spines will ship with other products in your order (e.g., Tape Runner, Refill Pages, etc.). Therefore, if you have a custom product in your order, please allow 3-5 business days for the entire order to process and ship.

Please note: Custom Foiled Spines are only available for order with new spines on current bookcloth colours and do not include the album front and back cover or straps. If you plan to add your spine to a new album cover, please order your album cover separately and then replace the spine. You cannot ship CM a spine that you already have to be customised.

Advisor Thoughts

"The shipping turnaround time is quick. There is not an imprinter that I have worked with that has returned spines sooner than a month." - Leslie Theys

Custom Foiled 12x12 Spines Ship Flat

Custom Foiled Spines are only available for order as new 12x12 spines on current bookcloth colours and do not include the album front and back cover or straps. When you order a custom spine, you will receive instructions for how to replace the spine in your current album.  

If you plan to add your spine to a new album cover, please order your album cover separately and then replace the spine. If you have an album at home and you want to add a custom spine, order your new custom spine and then follow the instructions to replace your spine.You cannot ship Creative Memories a spine that you already have to be customised.

INSTRUCTIONS: To replace your spine, first remove your current spine from your album cover. Place your album cover on a table. While holding the album cover down with one hand, gently pull on the top of the spine so it starts to separate from the album cover. Repeat this step with the bottom of the spine. Continue to pull out the top and bottom of the spine until you are able to completely remove the spine from the album cover.

Step 1 Gently curl the custom spine over using a flat surface to ensure you are bending in the middle.

Step 2 Pinch the sides of the spine and insert the two square corners into the album first.

Step 3 Gently lower the spine down so the two rounded corners insert into the album.

Step 4 Press down gently and evenly on each end of the spine to fully insert the spine into the album.

Advisors Can Buy a Sampler Pack (3/pk) - NOW

As you familiarize yourself with how to order Custom Foiled Spines, we know you'll want to get samples in your hands to show customers.

To help you promote Custom Foiled Spines, we've created a set of three pre-made spines featuring the silver, gold and black foil choices and three of the 16 available fonts. You can use this sampler pack to share examples of custom spines with your customers.  

To purchase the Custom Foiled Spines Sampler Pack (3/pk) for $40, log in to your Advisor account and then shop Advisor Exclusives > Sales Tools. 

Note - Custom Foiled Spines are regularly $17 each. This sampler pack includes a discount because the spines are pre-made for you.

What do Advisors think about the sampler pack?

“Just got my package...these are beautiful! The quality is superb and having samples like these will really help us promote the service. I love that there are examples of the three foil colours and a variety of fonts. I also love that it's the actual spine, so folks will really get how it works.” - Krislyn Mattei

Know What's Coming Next!

At Creative Memories, we're always looking ahead to what's next. Right now, we're working hard to give you the ability to customise refill pages (16/pk) - yay! We know that's a top priority for you and your customers. Also on our to-do list? Possibly adding foil to a front or back album cover. And after that? You'll just have to wait and see... 

So how about a gift in the meantime? Join our digital email list and you'll get a $17 coupon to use toward Digital Artwork. By joining this list, you and your customers will stay in-the-know as we continue to build our offering of digitally-created and on-demand printed scrapbook products.

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