Learn How to Create Custom Refill Pages For Your 12x12 Albums 

We're excited to add digitally-created and on-demand printed scrapbook products to our Creative Memories line. In addition to Custom Foiled Spines, we will now offer Custom Refill Pages. 

Custom Refill Pages allow you to drag and drop your digital photos onto Creative Memories pre-designed pages or you can upload your own designs right on the Creative Memories website. Once you order, you will receive a 16-pack of Custom Refill Pages that has been printed just for you!

$99.50 for each 16/pk of Custom Refill Pages 

Get a complete overview of how to create your Custom Refill Pages in the videos below.

Need a quick refresher? Click on each topic below to review in three minutes or less.

Advisor Tips on Custom Refill Pages

"The quality of these pages is unmatched. I cannot tell you how happy I am that Creative Memories is offering this now. For a young mom like me on the go with two kiddos this option will make it so much easier to get my albums done quickly. I love that there will jeeping on these pages as well! "- Erica Kiley

And that's just the beginning! There are a lot more tips and videos on our Searchable FAQs page. And if you have questions, our support team is ready to help at Digital@CreativeMemories.com.

Themes Available To You 

Browse the themes available to you for Custom Refill Pages and Custom Album Covers. 

We will continue to add and remove themes to keep designs fresh over time. Themes will expire two times a year either on 31 Dec. or 30 June.

You will notice each theme includes an expiration date next to its name. This is the date the theme will no longer be available. If you have used the theme in a current project, your pages will remain after the theme expires; however, once a theme expires you will not be able to access that theme's backgrounds or elements any longer. You will be able to edit the pages you already created with the expired theme.

Everyday: Daydreamer (Expires 31/12/20)

  • These pre-designed inspirational scrapbook pages flaunt a tonal and trendy palette that gives your pages purpose in dusty shades of hunter green and sage, plucky pinks and mellow yellows. 
  • Your creations stay on cloud nine with patterns like happy hearts and quirky rainbows, kaleidoscope tiles, dotted arches, shining star dust, a plethora of blooming beauties and more. 
  • These radiant refills are perfect for commemorating the women in your life, Girls' nights or weekends, Mother’s Day or other celebrations.

Everyday: Genuine (Expires 31/12/20)

  • These pre-designed masculine-themed scrapbook pages have a rustic palette that wears well on your projects with muted shades of ivory, green and blue and pops of burnt orange and poppy red, while the patterns ensure your creations are cut from the same cloth with a rich tapestry of tidy tweed, gallant plaid and paisley, formal fleur-de-lis, stained hardwood and skeins of herringbone and houndstooth. 
  • You’ll love these pages for moments that celebrate the boys and men in your life, Father’s Day, time spent in the outdoors and more.

Everyday: Modern Moments (Expires 30/6/20)

  • Modern Moments was inspired by earthy textures we encounter in our everyday adventures and the care-free simplicity of spending time with loved ones, and it keeps you in the here-and-now with a fun palette of mint green, navy, teal and orange. 
  • The papers detail your days with patterns like dashes and diamonds, mint chip splatter, notebook paper, hexagons, arrows, stripes and a collage of graph lines, geometric shapes and words to inspire.

Everyday: Memoirs & Memories (Expires 30/6/21)

  • The Memoirs & Memories pre-designed pages feature patterns like graph and kraft paper, film strips and piano keys, industrial textures and more in distressed shades of browns, creams and charcoal. 
  • These pages are the perfect home for photos of milestone moments, weddings, anniversaries, academic achievements and your family tree or heritage.  

Everyday: Black and White (Expires 30/6/20)

  • The Black & White pages feature stunning preprinted designs inspired by bold, simple and modern patterns infused with elements such as florals and basic geometric designs that coordinate perfectly. 
  • The palette is, simply, black and white, which makes it versatile enough to be used for practically any theme, from birthdays and graduations to weddings, retirement celebrations, everyday life and more!

World Travel: Travel Log (Expires 30/6/21)

  • The Travel Log Fast2Fab™ Refill Pages feature globe-trotting designs infused with travel icons like maps, planes and compasses in an old-world palette of peachy red, slate, blue, olive and crimson. 
  • It’s perfect for adding more memories of adventures studying abroad, destination travels, cruises, everyday trips and more.

Beach/Sea Travel: Deep Blue Sea (Expires 30/6/21)

  • The Deep Blue Sea Refill Pages provide you with so much space for all your photos, you’ll never need to return to shore, with worn, textured designs incorporating ropes, subtle stripes, sand dollars, anchors, seashells and nautical maps in a soothing palette of sea-glass teal, antique cream and rich royal blues. 
  • You’ll love these nautical-themed scrapbook pages for creating all sorts of layouts for cruises, yachting, beach days, vacations, sailing and more!

Tropical Travel: Sun-Kissed (Expires 30/6/20)

  • The Sun-Kissed pages feature vibrant, preprinted designs inspired by South Beach, Miami, and its iconic art deco elements and vacation-themed imagery. The palette is light and airy, a bit “faded by the coastal sun,” with pinks and teals that are integral to the south coast style, and the variety of greens and blues speak to the ocean and greenery life in the tropics. 
  • You’ll love these tropical scrapbook pages for trips to the beach, lake and ocean, fiestas, outdoors, luaus and more.

Amusement Park: Imagine (Expires 30/6/20)

  • Inspired by the wondrous world of comics, theme parks and superheroes, the Imagine pages evoke enthusiasm and happiness with a superpower palette of sky blue, sunshine yellow and rich black.
  • You’ll love it for themed birthday parties, trips to amusement parks and fairs, family getaways and countless other adventures!

Winter: Winterberry (Expires 31/12/20)

  • The Winterberry pages radiate subzero style with patterns like bushy pine needles and polar paint strokes, bitter blocks of ice and sharp snowflakes, foggy evergreens and bunches of berries in a palette featuring cool tones like deep indigo, pale blues and muted purples. 
  • It’s perfect for all your winter scrapbook layouts of days spent ice skating, sledding and making snow angels, as well as rainy-day activities like huddling under an umbrella, hopping after frogs and splashing through puddles.  

Fall: Harvest Delight (Expires 31/12/20)

  • With patterns like plaids, stripes, herringbone and chevrons, the Harvest Delight pages spice up your spreads in a palette that puts a chill in the air. In rusty red-orange, mustard yellow, faded light blue and rich teal, 
  • These pages inspire leaf-kicking creativity for your photos of Thanksgiving, baking goodies, family get-togethers, autumnal celebrations, trips to the orchard and more!  

Spring: Simply Sunshine (Expires 30/6/20)

  • The Simply Sunshine pages are designed with beautiful preprinted patterns like sunny harlequin plaids, organic tonal flowers and spring greenery, as well as dainty florals and dots inspired by patterns found in sundresses and umbrellas, all in a soft, delicate palette of buttercream yellow, marigold and a mixture of light and dark greens. 
  • You’ll love these pages for albums dedicated to nature, springtime, the outdoors, Easter, picnics, family outings and more.

Summer: Citrus Summer (Expires 30/6/20)

  • The Citrus Summer pages feature designs that will keep you cool with patterns infused with sunny chevrons, rainbow gingham, beach towel stripes and juicy citrus fruits. They turn up the heat in a vibrant and vivid palette of orange, soft pink, cyan blue, dashes of faded black, bright red, yellow and lime. 
  • You’ll love these summer scrapbook pages for birthday parties, barbeques, summer soirees, picnics, days at the beach or pool, campouts and more.  

Baby: Storytime Girl (Expires 30/6/20)

  • The Storytime Girl pages for baby girls have preprinted designs with pillow-style polka dots, flowers, gingham, layered grids and fuzzy baby blankets in a lighthearted palette of soft pink, mauve purple, seafoam green and dark navy. 
  • They’re perfect for all your little girl’s “firsts,” as well as sharing her milestone moments growing up, including birthdays, hobbies, school trips, playtime activities and more.  

Baby: Storytime Boy (Expires 30/6/20)

  • The Storytime Boy pages feature patterns inspired by trending nursery designs like gingham, layered grids, pillow-style polka dots, stripes, fuzzy baby blankets and more in a bright, playful palette of olive and seafoam green, melon red and dark navy. 
  • It’s great for all your little guy’s “firsts,” as well as sharing his years growing up, including his birthdays and parties, school trips, hobbies and playtime activities and more.  

Wedding: Ever After (Expires 30/6/20)

  • The Ever After pages feature rustic-elegant patterns infused with vintage botanicals, aged textural components and neutral designs in a palette of sage greens, cream and warm honey browns with pops of red. 
  • You’ll also love these wedding scrapbook refill pages for engagements, wedding showers, birthdays, anniversaries and everyday moments like picnics, showcasing gardens and country-chic living.  

Christmas: Merry Little Christmas (Expires 31/12/20)

  • The Merry Little Christmas pages are filled with patterns that help you re-create Christmas at the cabin like evergreen bristles and tree bark, plaids and pretty leaves, a garland of berries and grids to guide you through any project in a joyful palette of traditional reds and greens and hints of black and charcoal. 
  • It’s the perfect spot for your photos of holiday markets and Christmas parties, family moments around the tree, caroling, building gingerbread houses and all the festive delights you can handle. 

Kids: Super Duper Boy (Expires 30/6/21)

  • The Super Duper Boy pages feature preprinted designs in bold hues of electric blue, bright lightning yellow and orange with patterns infused with stripes, chevrons, and youthful, hand-drawn elements such as aliens and lightning bolts. 
  • These pages can also be used for photos of birthdays, school, theme parks and other adventures.  

Kids: Super Duper Girl (Expires 30/6/21)

  • The Super Duper Girls pages feature preprinted designs in bright hues of hot pink, purple, electric blue and bright lightning yellow with patterns infused with leopard prints and polka dots, and kid-like, hand-drawn elements such as rainbows and unicorns. 
  • These girl scrapbook pages can also be used for themes such as birthdays, theme parks, school and other adventures.  

School: Essentials (Expires 30/6/21)

  • The Essentials pages feature tried-and-true geometric designs such as stripes, zig zags, chevrons and polka dots in a lively primary palette of true red, kelly green, bright yellow and royal blue. Place your photos in the designated photo mats or create your own masterpieces using the design as a backdrop – it’s up to you! 
  • It's perfect for creating a school scrapbook, for photos from birthday parties, anniversaries, New Year’s, trips to theme parks and more. 

Pets: Best in Show (Expires 30/6/21)

  • The Best in Show pages feature bright, dynamic designs inspired by throwback animation from the 1950s. Patterns are infused with flowers and clouds, swirls and stripes, sunbursts and more in a playful, cheery palette.
  • These pages are great for nature and outdoors, birthdays, Easter, girls, pets, everyday photos and more.

Here Are Your Five Need-to-Know Facts!

How Your Order Will Arrive

  • Your pages are printed on photo-safe matte Refill Pages in a 16-page pack with jeeping so they're ready to insert into your 12x12 Creative Memories Bookcloth Album Cover! These pages have the same look and feel as our Fast2Fab™ pages. At this time, you must order a pack of 16 pages. 
  • Page Protectors are not included. You can add Page Protectors to your order as a separate item.
  • Your pages will ship to you without an album cover. You can add your pages to an existing one or purchase a new 12x12 Bookcloth Album Cover and add your Custom Refill Pages. Within your album, you can mix and match Custom Refill Pages with traditional pages and pocket pages and create an album that is completely unique!  
  • You can order multiple quantities of your Custom Refill Pages! This is a great way to create multiple copies of the same album for family and friends.  

Advisor Tips on Custom Refill Pages

"The Custom Refill Pages are a perfect addition to our product line! Customers who enjoy the flexibility of computer-based design but need to also be able to 'add to the story' can easily create and enjoy these pages versus having to produce a bound book or even 12x12 page prints with the extra expense of top-loading sleeves or album pages. You can even add extra embellishments directly to the page!"– Georgette Lopez-Aguado

Custom Refill Pages Will Ship with Other Products 

If you order Custom Refill Pages with other product (e.g. Tape Runner, Page Protectors), all items will ship together. Custom Refill Pages take an extra 3-5 business days of processing time. Please choose your shipping option at checkout with that additional processing time in mind.

Themes and Art are Available to You in the Designer at No Additional Cost 

Advisor Tips on Custom Refill Pages

“The ability to drag and drop your photo onto a page makes it so much easier to get photos into an album from your computer. I think you're going to love the simpicity!” - Linda Clark

New themes for Custom Refill Pages will launch frequently. Watch your Creative Memories Advisor and customer emails for announcements.  

  • You will notice each theme includes an expiration date next to its name. This is the date the theme will no longer be available. We will continue to add and remove themes to keep designs fresh over time. Themes will expire two times a year either on 31 Dec. or 30 June. To view these expiration dates, you must choose the Custom Refill Pages product and then click CUSTOMIZE to begin the creation process. After naming your project, you will be able to view all theme expiration dates. 
  • For each theme available, you will have the ability to add artwork for that theme within the Designer. You do not have to purchase the Digital Artwork separately. This includes artwork for designer papers, Fast2Fab™ designs, elements (stickers and embellishments) and mats for that collection. However, once the theme has expired, this artwork will no longer be available. You can purchase and upload Creative Memories Digital Artwork (and other artwork you own) into the Custom Refill Pages Designer as a JPG or PNG.
  • If you place an order for Custom Refill Pages, you will have two years from your purchase date to order those pages again (even if the theme has expired).
  • Our Designer is not a photo-storage solution. Photos are meant to be uploaded for the creation of a product and we do not guarantee photo storage.

Advisor Tips on Custom Refill Pages

“The printing is great quality with clear, crisp photos, paper, and embellishments. Personally, this will save me a couple of steps (and expense) for my occasional digital scrapbook album because I much prefer to put the pages in a high quality Creative Memories album cover. Kudos to Creative Memories for making it super easy to blend different scrapbooking personalities with this new product!" – Janet Kiley

"This is a beautiful end product that perfectly blends digital and traditional scrapbooking looks and reflects Creative Memories quality and attention to detail. It is also so easy to accomplish!" – Dee Jarvis

You Can Create Pages in Your Own Software and Print Them with Creative Memories

  • When using another program to design your pages, you will need 32 pages to create a 16-page pack of Custom Refill Pages (we print double-sided). 
  • Any pre-designed page that you upload needs to be a JPG or PNG file at 12.25x12.25 at 300 dpi.  
  • In Artisan, if you use the default 12x12 page size choice, this is actually a 12.25x12.25 page. This will work in our Custom Refill Pages Designer. You can also create a custom size template within Artison - click here to watch a quick two-minute video.
  • To add pages that you have designed elsewhere into our Designer, you will upload these pages like you would photos. See how it's done in this video about how to upload photos.
  • When you select your theme, choose this Full-Page Photo option. This allows you to auto-build using your pre-designed pages in seconds or drag and drop your pre-made pages in each page.

Learn how to export pages from Artisan and create your Custom Refill Pages.

Matte Finish Pages Allow You to Add Creative Memories Traditional Stickers, Embellishments and Journaling after Purchase

You can use Custom Refill Pages as a simple way to get your photos printed onto a page. You can add traditional stickers and embellishments to your pages once you receive them. This is the perfect way to get quick pages completed but add a personal touch, like journaling, to your pages. The beautiful matte finish of the page (the same finish as our Fast2Fab™ pages) allows for great flexibility!

Advisor Tips on Custom Refill Pages

“For new moms, it will be a great way to get their photos off of their phone. Then they can add traditional stickers and journaling to make it their own.” - Krystal Dean

What's Coming Next!

At Creative Memories, we're always looking ahead to what's next. Right now, we're working hard to give you the ability to customize 12x12 album covers and a complete 12x12 album - yay! We know that's a top priority for you and your customers. Also on our to-do list? Possibly adding calendars. And after that? You'll just have to wait and see... 

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