Fall: Golden Harvest (Expires 06/30/24)

  • These predesigned fall scrapbook pages feature various falling leaves patterns, bare branches and wood grain textures with decorative borders in a rich palette of navy, green and light green, light brown and brown, orange, yellow and red.
  • They’re perfect for photos of drives admiring the foliage, family gatherings and Friendsgiving potlucks, outdoor festivals, baking apple and pecan pies and picking pumpkins on a farm.

Kids: Back to School (Expires 12/31/23)

  • These school themed scrapbook pages feature a variety of notebook papers such as “ripped” spiral-lined pages, quad-ruled graph paper and composition notebook paper with decorative borders consisting of stars, the alphabet and pencils and stripes, plus continuous patterns of fresh apples, school buses, graduation caps and diplomas in a collegiate palette of No. 2 pencil yellow, tan, mint and Kelly green, primary blue and red.
  • They're perfect for memories of moving-up ceremonies and graduation, the first day of school, school events, sports and extracurricular activities.

Summer: Serene Waters (Expires 12/31/23)

  • These predesigned water-themed scrapbook pages feature peaceful, painterly patterns of waves, ocean views, scenic horizons, glistening water, abstract ombré paint daubs and a fishing net design in an invigorating palette of mint, navy, bright blue, aqua, teal, red-orange, medium orange and soft butter yellow.
  • They're perfect for memories of watching the sunrise or sunset on the water, boat rides down a river, floating in a tropical sea and fishing adventures on the lake.

Everyday: Leave Nothing Behind (Expires 12/31/23)

  • These national parks themed scrapbook pages feature designs infused with photographic assets of canyons, pine tree forests and pine needles, a starry night sky, as well as basketweave patterns and topographic maps in an earthy palette of bright teal, navy, chartreuse yellow, lime, olive and hunter green, warm brown, burnt sienna and terra cotta.
  • You’ll find it great for memories of hiking to a scenic overlook, starry nights around a campfire sharing stories and fly fishing in a stream.

Everyday: Our Memories (Expires 6/30/23)

  • These predesigned heritage scrapbook pages will showcase passed-down memories and recent moments alike with traditional designs like plaid, houndstooth, mosaic, ornamental, woodgrain, vintage florals, polka dots and stripes that will complement any layout with their contemporary palette of cream, white, charcoal, dusted blue, mustard, maroon and umber.
  • They’re perfect for documenting family history, reunions with relatives, childhood memories and everyday moments with friends.

Spring: Endless Meadows (Expires 6/30/23)

  • These spring pages for scrapbooking feature delightful hand-painted designs of grassy meadows, freshly picked florals and wildlife silhouettes, continuous patterns of light diamond grids, painterly speckles and tonal waves in a warm palette of cream, peach, honey yellow, leaf and dark hunter green, lavender and dusty sky blue.
  • They’re perfect for adding more memories of hiking, gardening, spring fairs and picking berries and flowers with family to your album!

Wedding: Devotion (Expires 6/30/23)

  • These predesigned wedding pages for scrapbooking exude elegance with floral and abstract designs, floral damask textures and antique wood crackles, vintage ornamental borders, heart-diamond grids and painterly brushstrokes.
  • They’re perfect for photos from the rehearsal dinner, the violin quartet playing during in the ceremony and the send-off to the honeymoon, as well as anniversaries, vow renewals, faith-based photos like first communions and baptisms and Mother’s Day.

Everyday: Wanderlust (Expires 6/30/23)

  • These predesigned travel pages bring your vacation memories to life with realistic leather and ripped notebook paper designs, calendar and map outlines, patterns of tiny arrows, airplanes, dots and stripes in a global palette of umber, dark brown, red, beige, dark teal, mint, navy and gray.
  • They’re perfect for adding new adventures like wandering through a historical castle or a spontaneous trip to a new country to your travel scrapbook album.

Baby: Lullaby Lane (Expires 6/30/23)

  • These predesigned baby themed scrapbook pages are crawling with mini triangles and hearts, stripes, wood textures and scallops in soft and cozy hues of baby blue, peony pink, Kelly green, milk cream and tan.
  • You’ll love them for photos of special memories of cousin playdates, fun-filled days at the park, monthly updates or messy moments caught by surprise!

Everyday: Welcome Home (Expires 6/30/23)

  • These home-themed scrapbook pages feature patterns like crawling ivy, basketweaves, an interlocking trellis, speckles, an iron gate and brushstrokes in a palette of terra cotta, navy and sky blue, ecru, olive, sage and rich pine green that adds a comforting touch.
  • They’re perfect for photos of birthdays with friends in the backyard, planting and tending to gardens and spending time with friends and loved ones.

Winter: Snowbound (Expires 12/31/22)

  • These winter scrapbook pages will have you feeling the frost with patterns like gusty whirls, repeating trees, birch, raining leaves, grid lines and snowflakes big and small in a bitingly beautiful palette of light and dark teal, medium and royal blue, white, green and beige.
  • They’re perfect for photos of snowball fights, puddle jumping, cuddling under a blanket inside and family winter activities.

Christmas: Joy to the World (Expires 12/31/22)

  • These Christmas pages for scrapbooking feature patterns that make your spirits bright like eucalyptus and poinsettias, ribbons, music notes, holly and berries and classic candy cane stripes in a palette that blends tradition with trend in red, green, navy blue, off-white, seafoam and gold.
  • They’re perfect for your fa-la-la-la-lovely photos of Christmas parties, cutting down the tree, sleigh rides and exchanging Secret Santa gifts.

Fall: It’s Fall, Y’all (Expires 12/31/22)

  • These fall scrapbook pages feature patterns like plaid and gingham, cable knit and falling leaves, plus curving woodgrain and grid lines in a warm palette of marigold, burnt orange, burgundy, navy and olive green.
  • They’re a natural backdrop for photos of bonfires and harvest festivals, baking and days at the orchard.

Kids: You Got This (Expires 12/31/22)

  • These denim-themed scrapbook pages feature timeless patterns like frayed hems, distressed holes and patchwork, as well as grid lines and bleached tie-dye in a palette brimming with blues, from indigo and acid wash to faded and steel.
  • They coordinate perfectly with your photos of unmissable firsts like driving lessons and applying to colleges and universities, as well as casual hangouts and parties that are just as memorable.

Travel: Sparks of Magic (Expires 12/31/22)

  • These amusement park themes with iconic designs like festive fireworks and dipping roller coasters, as well as general patterns such as stars, stripes and polka dots in a bold palette of yellow, red and black with pops of white and blue.
  • It’s perfect for photos of trips to theme parks, carnivals and fairs, as well as themes such as kids, birthdays and more.

Travel: Seaside (Expires 12/31/22)

  • These coastal pages for scrapbooking boast pre-designed patterns with weather-worn textures and ocean-themed assets like rolling waves crashing onto the shoreline, a serene lighthouse scene, sand and water ripples, basketweave and beach towel stripes in a faded palette of rust, cool taupe, rich red and ocean and sky blue.
  • You'll love them for photos of cruises and boating, relaxing days at the beach, trips to seaside destinations and picnics on the sand.

Kids: Outta This World (Expires 6/30/22)

  • These premade outer space scrapbook pages shoot for the moon with patterns like stars and stardust, constellations, dotted textures and wavy lines in a playful palette of cotton candy pink, lemon yellow, aquamarine green, bright orange, night sky and sky blue.
  • They're perfect for photos of anything kid-related, from the first day of school and field trips to birthdays, trips to the playground and more!

Travel: Homestead (Expires 6/30/22)

  • These farmhouse chic scrapbook pages are infused with patterns like backsplash tiles, plaid, wood grain, leaves and chevrons in a rustic, earthy palette of brown, green, black and white.
  • They're perfect for photos of days on the ranch or farm, memories with close friends and family, summer and spring.

Travel: Staycation (Expires 6/30/22)

  • These staycation scrapbook pages were inspired by 2020 — staying home and living locally — and feature predesigned patterns infused with designs like location arrows, camera lens bursts, virtual conversation bubbles and notebook paper lines in a palette of teal, light and dark green, yellow, orange, navy and kraft brown.
  • It's perfect for memories of enjoying your local surroundings like picnics and trips to the park, game and movie nights, exploring the outdoors, cooking and eating together and time spent with family.

Spring: Spring Cottage (Expires 6/30/22)

  • These spring pages for scrapbooking are filled with patterns like gingham blanket textures, birch bark, raindrops, leaves and spring foliage in a palette of soothing greens and blues with soft pink and yellow accents.
  • You'll love these pages for your photos of the outdoors, springtime, lakeside days, cottage or cabin getaways and more.

Everyday: Emerald Gemstone (Expires 6/30/22)

  • These predesigned natural wonders scrapbook pages are filled with patterns like an aurora borealis amongst a starry night sky, mineral deposits, agates and gemstones in a striking palette of emerald green, navy and royal blue, teal, yellow-green and white.
  • You'll love these pages for your photos of the outdoors, stargazing and gardening, as well as weddings, moments with family and more.

Everyday: Boho Escape (Expires 12/31/21)

  • These premade boho scrapbook pages are filled with patterns like various palm leaves, bamboo stalks, pineapples and sunbursts in an earthy palette of mustard yellow, olive and dark green, terra cotta, salmon pink and navy.
  • You’ll love these pages for your photos of tropical travels, beach days, getaway trips and the outdoors.

Winter: Winter Woods (Expires 12/31/21)

  • These winter scrapbook pages boast patterns like wood grain, snowy pines, grids, snowflakes and knitted blanket textures in a rustic and soft palette of pine and spruce green, evergreen, pinecone tan and snowflake white.
  • They’re perfect for photos of winter fun like children romping in the snow, ice skating, snowshoeing, downhill and cross-country skiing and outdoor explorations.

Wedding: All My Love (Expires 12/31/21)

  • These pre-made wedding pages feature textures like ethereal lace veil and groomsmen’s-tie plaid, vintage floral buds and baby’s breath, terrazzo, sandstone bricks and 1 Corinthians cursive lettering, all in an elegant and earthy palette of blush pink, buttercream, navy, baby’s breath blue and terracotta red.
  • You’ll love these pages to celebrate photos and memories of engagements, wedding showers and ceremonies, anniversaries and vow renewals.

Everyday: Fresh Fusion (Expires 12/31/21)

  • These mix-and-match scrapbook supplies were inspired by the rainbow’s glorious hued spectrum and capture an array of shades, from soft pastel perfection to rich jewel tones in reds, yellows, greens, teals, blues and purples.
  • Whether you’re highlighting chromatic creations, celebrations, fun with friends, birthday parties, seasonal outings or anything in between — it’s the perfect canvas for radiant layouts!

Travel: Vitamin Sea (Expires 12/31/21)

  • These pre-made tropical scrapbook pages are designed to make a splash in your albums with patterns like swoon-worthy sandy beaches, lush leaves, dots and beach towel stripes in a palette of soft-neutral shades of cool blues, verdant greens and sun-bleached pinks that will help your projects beam with sun-sational bliss.
  • You’ll love them for photos of tropical vacation getaways, ocean adventures, days at the beach and sweet summertime.

Baby: Little Dreamer (Expires 12/31/21)

  • These predesigned scrapbook pages give your layouts extra-cute goo-goo’s and ga-ga’s with patterns like snuggly stripes, clean dots, dangling stars, heavenly hearts and floating tufts in sweetie-pie shades of green, peachy tan, burnt red and wonderfully worn gray and blue.
  • They’re ideal for baby moments like playdates, mom- or dad-and-me classes, meal-time messes and those first words and steps.

World Travel: Travel Log (Expires 6/30/22)

  • The Travel Log Fast2Fab™ Refill Pages feature globe-trotting designs infused with travel icons like maps, planes and compasses in an old-world palette of peachy red, slate, blue, olive and crimson. 
  • It’s perfect for adding more memories of adventures studying abroad, destination travels, cruises, everyday trips and more.

Kids: Super Duper Boy (Expires 6/30/22)

  • The Super Duper Boy pages feature preprinted designs in bold hues of electric blue, bright lightning yellow and orange with patterns infused with stripes, chevrons, and youthful, hand-drawn elements such as aliens and lightning bolts. 
  • These pages can also be used for photos of birthdays, school, theme parks and other adventures.  

Kids: Super Duper Girl (Expires 6/30/22)

  • The Super Duper Girls pages feature preprinted designs in bright hues of hot pink, purple, electric blue and bright lightning yellow with patterns infused with leopard prints and polka dots, and kid-like, hand-drawn elements such as rainbows and unicorns. 
  • These girl scrapbook pages can also be used for themes such as birthdays, theme parks, school and other adventures.  

School: Essentials (Expires 6/30/22)

  • The Essentials pages feature tried-and-true geometric designs such as stripes, zig zags, chevrons and polka dots in a lively primary palette of true red, kelly green, bright yellow and royal blue. Place your photos in the designated photo mats or create your own masterpieces using the design as a backdrop – it’s up to you! 
  • It's perfect for creating a school scrapbook, for photos from birthday parties, anniversaries, New Year’s, trips to theme parks and more. 

Pets: Best in Show (Expires 6/30/22)

  • The Best in Show pages feature bright, dynamic designs inspired by throwback animation from the 1950s. Patterns are infused with flowers and clouds, swirls and stripes, sunbursts and more in a playful, cheery palette.
  • These pages are great for nature and outdoors, birthdays, Easter, girls, pets, everyday photos and more.

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