December Deals AU
December Deals AU


For a limited time, you can purchase select bundles, punches and more that are deeply discounted — up to 23% OFF — during December Deals!


  • When will the discounted pricing be available? At 5:01pm AEDT on 28 Nov., products that were previously in Last Chance will go live with discounted pricing in December Deals.
  • I see December Deals with discounted pricing — can I check out before the new products go live at 5am AEDT on 29 Nov.? Yes! But if you wait until 5am AEDT, you'll get to see the newest releases!
  • How do I know if a product is a “December Deal”? All products will be clearly labelled with December Deal banners on the website and will have “December Deal” included in the product name. You can also find them all in the December Deals category on the navigation of the website.
  • If there are remaining December Deals after 21 Dec., will they be moved back to Last Chance? Some will, if the product(s) started in Last Chance. Others will revert to their former prices and categories.
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December Deals valid 28 Nov.-21 Dec., 2022 (starts at 5:01pm and ends at 11:59pm AEDT).