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A Virtual Crop is an online scrapbooking event hosted by Creative Memories Home Office. At the beginning of the crop we give participants sketch challenges to complete*, and when you complete them and share them with us on the Virtual Crop Facebook Group, you will be eligible to win prizes! It’s a fun time to work on your own pages and projects and see creations from people across North America and Australia (and sometimes Japan during our Worldwide Virtual Crops!).

Follow the simple step-by-step instructions below to participate!

*This does not include the Worldwide Virtual Crop, where challenges will post every 4 hours over three days.

Join our Facebook Group so you’ll get a notice of upcoming Virtual Crops! For a list of supplies you will need, samples of challenges and prizes you could win, check out our 411 on Virtual Crops blog post.

Desktop Directions

Find the group using the URL or Facebook search box.

OR search and select the Creative Memories page on Facebook.

Click "More" and then "Groups" on the top of the page. 

Select "Join Group" if you are not already part of the group.

Answer the question using the text box & click "Submit" to join the group.

Click on the "Featured" tab to view the pinned post that includes all challenges during a Virtual Crop.

Click on the challenge post to view the sketches on the blog OR click on "Media" > "Albums" in the Facebook Group to view the sketches. Create your layout following the sketch. 

When you are ready to submit your layout, take a photo of it, visit the Facebook Group and post it.

To post: Click on the "Discussion tab," click on "Write something..." and start your post by adding the corresponding hashtag and a message if you would like.

Then, click the "Photo/Video" icon to add the photo of your layout to the post.

Click "Post" to submit your layout and you will be entered to win a prize!