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January 2020 - Daydreamer & Genuine Collections

Advisor Guide - Daydreamer 

Project Recipe - Daydreamer 

Advisor Guide - Genuine 

Project Recipe - Genuine 

November 2019 - Winterberry Collection

Advisor Guide - Winterberry

Project Recipe - Winterberry 

October 2019 - Merry Little Christmas Collection

Advisor Guide - Merry Little Christmas

Project Recipe - Merry Little Christmas

September 2019 - Harvest Delight & Wicked Cute Collections

Advisor Guide - Harvest Delight

Project Recipe - Harvest Delight

Advisor Guide - Wicked Cute

Project Recipe - Wicked Cute

August 2019 - Memoirs and Memories Collection

Advisor Guide - Memoirs and Memories

Project Recipe - Memoirs and Memories

July 2019 - Rainbow Rush Collection

Advisor Guide - Rainbow Rush

Project Recipe - Rainbow Rush

June 2019 - Citrus Summer & Scenic Route Collections

Advisor Guide - Citrus Summer

Project Recipe - Citrus Summer

Advisor Guide - Scenic Route

Project Recipe - Scenic Route

May 2019 - Deep Blue Sea, Travel Log & Great Escape Collections

Advisor Guide - Deep Blue Sea

Project Recipe- Deep Blue Sea

Advisor Guide - Travel Log

Project Recipe - Travel Log

Advisor Guide - Great Escape

Project Recipe - Great Escape

 March 2019 - Explorer and Simply Sunshine Collection

Advisor Guide - Explorer

Project Recipe - Explorer

Advisor Guide - Simply Sunshine

Project Recipe - Simply Sunshine

February 2019 - Ever After Collection and Flourish Collection

Advisor Guide - Ever After

Project Recipe™ - Ever After

Advisor Guide - Flourish

Project Recipe - Flourish

January 2019 - Blend & Bloom, Happy BirthYAY and Walkabout Collections

Advisor Guide - Blend & Bloom

Project Recipe™ - Blend & Bloom

Advisor Guide - Happy BirthYAY

Project Recipe™ - Happy BirthYAY

Advisor Guide - Walkabout

Project Recipe™ - Walkabout

December 2018 - Mermaid Cove and Imagine That! Collections

Advisor Guide - Mermaid Cove

Project Recipe™ - Mermaid Cove

Advisor Guide - Imagine That!

Project Recipe™ - Imagine That!

November 2018 - Frost and Scrap Happy Collections

Advisor Guide - Frost

Project Recipe™ - Frost

Advisor Guide - Scrap Happy

Project Recipe™ - Scrap Happy

October 2018 - Season's Greetings Collection

Advisor Guide - Season's Greetings

Project Recipe™ - Season's Greetings

September 2018 - Gather Together and Pumpkin Spice Collections

Advisor Guide - Gather Together

Project Recipe™ - Gather Together

Advisor Guide - Pumpkin Spice

Project Recipe™ - Pumpkin Spice

August 2018 - Essentials and Fanatic Collections

Advisor Guide - Essentials

Project Recipe™ - Essentials

Advisor Guide - Fanatic

Project Recipe™ - Fanatic

July 2018 - Maritime and Locally Grown Collections

Advisor Guide - Maritime

Project Recipe™ - Maritime

Advisor Guide - Locally Grown

Project Recipe™ - Locally Grown

June 2018 - Best in Show, Star-Spangled and Mix & Match Collections

Advisor Guide - Best in Show

Project Recipe™ - Best in Show

Advisor Guide - Star-Spangled

Project Recipe™ - Star-Spangled

Advisor Guide - Mix & Match

Project Recipe™ - Mix & Match

May 2018 - O Canada, Super Duper and Sun-Kissed Collections

Advisor Guide - O Canada

Project Recipe™ - O Canada

Advisor Guide - Super Duper Girl

Project Recipe™ - Super Duper Girl

Advisor Guide - Super Duper Boy

Project Recipe™ - Super Duper Boy

Advisor Guide - Sun-Kissed

Project Recipe™ - Sun-Kissed

April 2018 - Secret Garden and Little Lamb Collections

Advisor Guide - Secret Garden

Project Recipe™ - Secret Garden

Advisor Guide - Little Lamb Boy

Project Recipe™ - Little Lamb Boy

Advisor Guide - Little Lamb Girl

Project Recipe™ - Little Lamb Girl

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Project Recipe Advisor Testimonials

"Project Recipes™ were the star of our Winter Wonderland Weekend in New York! Our team of five Advisors taught Project Recipe™ classes and cheered on our 43 customers in learning the power of Project Recipes™ to complete their albums! We gave them Project Recipe™ Binders to store their recipes, sold Project Recipe™ Kits, taught them how to reuse their recipes with other paper in their stash, gave them door prize tickets for completing Project Recipes™ and showed our digital peeps how to create the Project Recipes™ with our digital papers and elements! Two customers even completed 16 recipes each!" - Advisor Joan Marso 

"We all reconnected after several years of not scrapping together. Life just changed and got in the way. However, my becoming a CM Advisor brought us all back, and a couple of the gals tried the Project Recipe™ and were really happy with the outcome. Just goes to show that beautiful products and an easy way to make our memories look great is always a good thing." - Advisor Lynda King