Creative Memories is excited to partner with Dr. Clay Routledge, a behavioral scientist, author and professor who specializes in the science of Nostalgia and the incredible impact it can have on human happiness and connectedness. You can see more about Dr. Routledge, his work and all the places it’s been featured at the bottom of this page. 

Dr. Routledge stopped in to the Home Office and spent the day with us. What became clear immediately - what we do at Creative Memories is more relevant today than it’s ever been. Here are some short videos recapping our conversation. 

How You Can Share the Science of Nostalgia

We’ve got two ways you can share these exciting findings and have some fun with your friends, family, customers and future team members.

Flyers you can print and share: Science confirms: Nostalgia fulfills the human need to belong


Celebrate Customers' First Scrapbook Pages: For a heartwarming activity at your next event and Croptoberfest events, encourage customers to bring their very first page to share with others and offer to photograph it for the contest. New customers? Have them make a page then-and-there to share. Set aside some time for people to share their page and talk about it. 

About Dr. Clay Routledge 

Dr. Routledge is a scientist, author, public speaker, professor at North Dakota State University and all-around nice guy. He studies psychological needs and how these needs influence wellbeing, physical health and intergroup relations. His research, which focuses on the need for meaning in life and the need to belong, has been funded by the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, John Templeton Foundation and Society for the Scientific Study of Religion.  

He has published 95 scholarly papers, co-edited two books on existential psychology, authored two books and was the lead writer for the TED-Ed animated lesson Why Do We Feel Nostalgia? Dr. Routledge’s work has been featured in:  

Check out Dr. Routledge’s Today Show appearance!