Learn How to Create 12x12 Complete Custom Albums  

We're excited to add digitally-created and on-demand Complete Custom Albums to our Creative Memories line, in addition to Custom Foiled Spines, Custom Refill Pages and Custom Album Covers.  

Complete Custom Albums allow you to drag and drop your digital photos onto Creative Memories pre-designed pages or you can upload your own designs right on the Creative Memories website. Once you order, you will receive a beautiful Complete Custom Album created by you!

 $199.50 for each Complete Custom Cover + 16-pack of Custom Refill Pages 

Get a Complete Overview of How to Create Your Complete Custom Album in the Videos Below

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Advisor Tips on Complete Custom Albums

“The cover looks like a published book and highlights the personal elements of the story waiting inside! I trust the CM brand with all my special moments and memories I want to capture and keep!" – Tiffany Korn

And that's just the beginning! There are a lot more tips and videos on our Searchable FAQs page. And if you have questions, our support team is ready to help at Digital@CreativeMemories.com.

Here Are Your Need-to-Know Facts

How Your Order Will Arrive

  • Your Complete Custom Album will arrive to you with your Custom Refill Pages (16/pk) inserted into your personalised album cover.
  • Pre-assembled Complete Custom Album features: 12x12 Custom Album Cover with matte bookcloth finish, 12x12 Custom Refill Pages (16/pk) that allow you to create 32 sides of customised scrapbook pages on matte refill paper with reinforced jeeping (they have the same look and feel as our Fast2Fab™ pages) 
  • Custom Refill Pages are photo-safe (acid-free, lignin-free, buffered paper) 
  •  Please note: Complete Custom Albums do not include Page Protectors. These can be purchased separately and added to your order. 

Complete Custom Albums Will Ship with Other Products 

If you order Complete Custom Albums with other products (e.g., Tape Runner, Page Protectors), all items will ship together, but please note that Custom Products ship at a bi-weekly schedule so plan accordingly with your project needs. Complete Custom Albums and Custom Pages ship out on the linked schedule here. Please keep this in mind with orders that contain Custom and traditional products

Themes and Art are Available to You in the Designer at No Additional Cost 

Advisor Tips on Complete Custom Albums

“The ability to drag and drop your photo onto a page makes it so much easier to get photos into an album from your computer. I think you're going to love the simplicity!” - Linda Clark

New themes for Complete Custom Albums will launch frequently. Watch your Creative Memories emails for announcements.  

  • You will notice each theme includes an expiration date next to its name. This is the date the theme will no longer be available. We will continue to add and remove themes to keep designs fresh over time. Themes will expire two times a year either on 31 Dec. or 30 June. To view these expiration dates, you must choose the Complete Custom Albums product and then click CUSTOMISE to begin the creation process. After naming your project, you will be able to view all theme expiration dates. 
  • For each theme available, you will have the ability to add artwork for that theme within the Designer. You do not have to purchase the Digital Artwork separately. This includes artwork for designer papers, Fast2Fab™ designs, elements (stickers and embellishments) and mats for that collection. However, once the theme has expired, this artwork will no longer be available. You can purchase and upload Creative Memories Digital Artwork (and other artwork you own) into the Complete Custom Albums Designer as a JPG or PNG.
  • If you place an order for a Complete Custom Album, you will have two years from your purchase date to order that album again (even if the theme has expired).
  • Our Designer is not a photo-storage solution. Photos are meant to be uploaded for the creation of a product and we do not guarantee photo storage.
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Advisor Tips on Complete Custom Albums

"I love that you can make a gift album without a huge time commitment. Then the recipient can personalise and embellish with their special stories." - Charlene Allen

You Can Create Pages in Your Own Software and Print Them with Creative Memories

  • When using another program to design your pages, you will need 32 pages to create a 16-page pack of Custom Refill Pages (we print double-sided). 
  • Any pre-designed page that you upload needs to be a JPG or PNG file at 12.25x12.25 at 300 dpi. To create a front cover only, it needs to be a JPG or PNG file at 13.5x13.5 with a .5 bleed on all sides at 300 dpi - this allows enough area to properly wrap around the edges of the cover.
  • In Artisan, you can use the Custom Project Size option for the front cover, back cover and spine. If you use the default 12x12 page size choice, this is actually a 12.25x12.25 page. This will work in our Custom Refill Pages Designer. You can also create a custom size template within Artisan - click here to watch a quick two-minute video.
  • To add pages that you have designed elsewhere into our Designer, you will upload these pages like you would photos. See how it's done in this video about how to upload photos.
  • When you select your theme, choose this Full-Page Photo option. This allows you to auto-build using your pre-designed pages in seconds or drag and drop your pre-made pages in each page.

How to Create a Front and Back Cover for Your Album Using Artisan Software

  How to Create a Spine for Your Album Using Artisan Software  

Matte Finish Pages Allow You to Add Creative Memories Traditional Stickers, Embellishments and Journalling after Purchase

You can use Custom Refill Pages as a simple way to get your photos printed onto a page. You can add traditional stickers and embellishments to your pages once you receive them. This is the perfect way to get quick pages completed but add a personal touch, like journalling, to your pages. The beautiful matte finish of the page (the same finish as our Fast2Fab™ pages) allows for great flexibility!

Advisor Tips on Complete Custom Albums

“A perfect starter for everyone without needing other tools. You can add embellishments and journalling to pages with a matte finish. The pages feel like a published book." - Leslie Hauge

What's Coming Next!

At Creative Memories, we’ve given you the ability to create a masterpiece of memories right at your personal computer. We continue to work hard to provide opportunities to use our products on our traditional side AND our digital side. We are committed to keeping our quality the first priority and we're always looking ahead to what's next. Right now, we're working on developing more bookcloth colours for Custom Refill Spines and more templates for Custom Refill Pages and Custom Album Covers – yay!

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